Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tech Forum Bio: Jeremy Leung

Name: Jeremy Leung
Title/Company: Information Security Engineer/Wells Fargo  
Tech Forum Presentation: The Making of a Mustache Maker
Robert Boles
Bio: UAT alum Jeremy Leung is the champion, co-founder and current co-director of hackerspace HeatSync Labs, a non-profit community lab and workshop in Arizona. He ensures that the completely community-funded company sticks with their mission statement of providing tools, space, and expertise for the local community. He manages and leads a team of passionate industry professionals to provide an environment that fosters creativity and direction for the next generation of inventors.
Originally from Germany, Jeremy fell in love with the American hacker community and is driven to promote the positive connotations of the word "hacker." After graduating from UAT and joining the work force, he still wanted to make a mad scientists lab with his friends. During the day he works as a security engineer at Wells Fargo; at night, he dons the appropriate safety gear to create and push HeatSync Labs forward.
Check out his discussion and more at this year's UAT's Tech Forum, Nov. 1-3 at the University of Advancing Technology in Tempe, Arizona!
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