Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Current Student Project

Hello, my name is Noah Corradin and I am currently in my 6th semester here at UAT studying Information Security. The following is one of my favorite projects i have been workin on since attending the university.

The ARC, or Archiving Real-time Content, is a project I have been working on for nearly 7 months. The purpose of this system is to provide a high level of a analysis on society through the use of modern technology. Using existing news sources with a custom built system has given me the ability to analyze and interpret what is happening around the world in an extremely efficient manner. Personally studying this data on a daily basis has revealed some very enlightening and unique trends that often times go unnoticed. This insight provides a very unique perspective and in turn, understanding of the world.

Below is an infographic that portrays the concept behind this project. The system is built to cross-reference the lists of known verbs and nouns with the headlines of major news sources. The result is a quick look at what the most popular actions are and the people, places, and things associated with them.

There are many features and applications in store for this system. The analysis and graphing of long term data can reveal trends in the different types of activity that take place around the world. A user web front will give anyone the ability to analyze and interpret happenings around the world in their own fashion. I am currently the only one working on this project so if any students with skills in PHP, Python, MySQL, Data Mining, and/or Database Theory are interested in taking part send me an email at

For more information regarding the ARC as well as frequently updated daily summaries, visit:

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