Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Low Orbit Server Stations

File sharing has been seeing a lot of legal action taken against in in the past few months. Kim Dotcom of Megaupload was arrested and many other bit torrent websites suffer federal investigation daily. The Pirate Bay is the most widely known file sharing website and is often times one of the biggest targets on the Federal radar. Legal precedents are evolving in order to combat the file sharing age, but a majority of the sites still remain. The site operators are constantly evolving themselves in order to keep their website and technological ideals standing strong. Just yesterday TPB posted on their blog about a new concept called LOSS, Low Orbit Server Stations. The underlying plan for these server drones is to host their content in the sky and not on land. This they believe will force the Feds to have to take down the plane which would be an act of war. This is an interesting and daring concept but will the tech to pull 100Mbps wirelessly from over 50 km away, its not too far fetched. So perhaps in the next few months we will be browsing sites that are quite literally hosted in “the cloud.”


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